T  H  E      C  O M M U N I T Y 

Interlaken Gardens

the sought after 49 acre lakeside garden cooperative 
with private beach on Lake Innis Free.
Interlaken Gardens offers care-free resort style living.
Swim, sail, fish, sun or relax and have a picnic- 
the abundant common grounds of rolling lawns and lake afford a wonderful setting. 

Built in 1940 and converted into  cooperatives in 1972,

Interlaken Gardens is home to 517 families.

Centrally & conveniently located close to fine shops, schools,
library and excellent restaurants.

Comfortable walk to Metro North Harlem Line’s Crestwood train station. 


Beach and Lakefront

The private beach front on Lake Innis Free is complimented
with lifeguards and floating docks
to make your swim experience both delightful and safe.

Residents can also fish from the docks as well as their boa
The lake season i
s from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
Canoes, sailboats, kayaks and electrically powered boats are
allowed on the lake and boat storage is available for a minimal fee.
The lake has a good bass pop
ulation and fishin
g is allowed.

The lakefront is center for numerous year round activities, which include
Christmas tree & menorah lighting, seasonal activities,
pot luck suppers, bingo, carnival day & summer BBQ’s.
Community involvement is key and there are many clubs to enjoy
such as the lake committee, fishing club, sewing and crafts,
walking group, garden com
mittee and mahjong club.


No dogs are allowed (with the exception of service dogs) 

Cats are permitted. Limit of two cats per unit.

Monthly Maintenance

The monthly maintenance is very cost effective an

d a

ll inclusive.

The monthly maintenance includes all gas and electric utilities,
water, expanded basic cable, garbage pickup

grounds & building maintenance; town, county, school taxes
and lake rights.


Approximately 48% of the maintenance is tax deductible.
he average star savings is about $1,500 per year. 
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Street parking is ample. Garages and assigned spaces 

can be rented at a monthly $70 and $40 respectively.
There are about 450 garages and 50 spaces

Eastchester ranked #27 in the nation as  Money Magazine’s ‘The best places to live!



Patios and Common Grounds

With Board permission, first floor units may use a reasonable area as a patio.
Common grounds are available for use by all 
Interlaken Shareholders and are a wonderful setting for barbecues, 
gardens or just relaxing with a good book.


 Not allowed. Interlaken is an Owner occupied community. 


Smoking ban inside units sold to new Shareholders.



Basically, Shareholders are responsible for everything from the walls in,
while the cooperative is responsible for the structure of the building.


Written consent from the management for all structural changes is required.
To maintain the integrity of the building all contracting, electrical and plumbing
must be done by a licensed contractor.

Transfer procedure

Prospective purchaser must file an application;
submit to a credit & background check and Board interview.
$450 processing per application.
There is no flip tax.

Cooperative Living

As a shareholder in a cooperative, you do not legally own a unit.
Instead you purchase shares in the co-op corporation that 
entitles you to a proprietary lease on your unit. 
As a shareholder, you are entitled to vote for the Board of Directors
and have a voting weight equal to the number of shares you own.
You essentially receive the same tax advantages as
if you bought a private home. 

Not only can you deduct the interest on your co-op loan,
but you can also deduct a proportionate share of you
monthly maintenance payments that are spent on taxes
and the co-ops overall building loan.
Currently about 50 percent of the maintenance is deductible for tax purposes.


Crestwood, Tuckahoe & Bronxville Stations are on the
Harlem line of the Metro North with
just a 28 minute commute to Grand Central Station.


Committed to excellence, the Eastchester school district
provides a comprehensive k-12 education
with a focus on academic achievement and personal growth.
The district offers a full day kindergarten.

Residents of Eastchester benefit from access to higher education institutions
such as Sarah Lawrence, Iona and Concordia Colleges.


Eastchester has 9 major parks & more mini parks & open spaces than you can count.

Twin Lakes Park & Nature Study Woods-
located along the Hutchinson River Parkway
is noted for its horseback riding academy & trails.
The Bronx River Park Reservation-
807 acres with paved trails- is also easily accessible from Eastchester.

Eastchester is home to Leewood, Siwanoy and Lake Isle Country Clubs.

Lake Isle Country Club

A town owned recreational facility with
5 swimming pools, top notch golf & tennis and a marvelous catering & dining facility.

Westchester Magazine recently coined Eastchester the best town for soccer moms & dads ~ with a small town feel.





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